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Hi guys and girls! If you are on this page, you probably want to know where to start if you are planning on getting the amazing Samsung Galaxy S2. To date I've done more than 30 posts regarding the phone, covering the standard features, tutorials, reviews and even photos and videos I've taken with the phone's amazing 8 mega pixel camera.

Anyway, let's start! :)

Galaxy S2 Specifications

The specs of the phone are simply amazing. It has an awesome Dual Core CPU, 1GB of RAM and lots of storage. Currently, it's the fastest mobile device on the market, out-performed only by Apple's iPad 2.

Galaxy S2 standard features and apps

The phone comes installed with all the standard apps and features you'd expect. I decided to slowly but surely go through the most important ones. I have compiled a few reviews about the stock standard apps that come with the phone:

The amazing 8mp camera

Like I mentioned earlier, the camera for the phone is very good, considering it's a cellphone camera! I have taken some pictures and videos and loaded them here so that you can get a good idea of how the camera performs (quite admirably in my opinion!):
Being an Android device, you have access to more than 250 000 apps on the Android App Market. One other thing the Galaxy S2 includes is it's own Samsung App Market, which regularly offers great paid-for apps and games for free. 

And, since I'm such a geek, I've downloaded plenty of apps and games, and here is the list of the ones I've reviewed so far:


Some things on the Galaxy S2 is not that obvious to do, and takes some fiddling. I've done some fiddling, and have written some tutorials on how to do certain things with the S2:

Cool Widgets

The Galaxy S2 allows you to customize the look and feel of your home screens by adding cool widgets. I've added quite a few already, and here is the post (will turn into posts (plural) eventually :)
This pretty much covers it. Feel free to leave comments if there are any apps or games you'd like me to review and have a look at.