Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Mini Review: Droid Comic Viewer

As you all know, the Samsung Galaxy S2 has the AMAZING Super Amoled 2 screen, and what better use for it to read your favourite comics on!

I did a quick search in the market, and came across Droid Comic Viewer - I quickly installed it, and copied one of my Wolverine comics over onto the phone, and viola! I was reading the comic on my phone :)

Here are a few screen shots:

Now you've got to admit, that's pretty cool!

Anyway, some of the features for the app includes:

  • Opens CBZ/Zip, AVC, CBR, JPEG, PNG, BMP files
  • You can open comics stored on your SD card
  • It supports left-to-right, and right-to-left reading (think MANGAS!)
  • You can customize how the controls work exactly to your liking, for example, when I'm reading comics on my phone, I can use the volume keys on the side to page through the comic.
  • It caches the next and previous screen, so there's no wait when flipping pages.
Best of all, the app is 100% free!

Get it here