Sunday, September 4, 2011

Default Apps and Tools installed on the Galaxy S2

In this post I'll be making a list of all the applications that come pre-installed on the Samsung Galaxy S2 (well, in South Africa at least).

There are quite a few, and I haven't even used them all, but as I go along, I'll amend this post to talk about the details and inner workings of each of the standard installed apps. Here are the screen shots of my first three app pages:

On the thirds screen shot, the default apps stop at "Drive & Walk".

Anyway, let's get started - on Page 1 you have the following (Note - some of the apps I have already reviewed, so look out for the links to each):

Page 2 has:
  • My files
  • Videos
  • AllShare (this one is tricky to get to work properly, but I've written a Guide on how to get AllShare to work on the Galaxy S2)
  • Kies air
  • Talk
  • Latitude
  • Task
  • Navigation
  • Voice commands
  • Voice recorder
  • Voice talk
  • Voice search
  • Places
  • Downloads
  • Photo editor (I looked at this one on this page)
  • Video maker
And on Page 3:
  • Mini diary
  • Calculator (read what I had to say about it here)
  • Samsung Apps
  • News & Weather
  • Task Manager
  • FM radio
  • IM
  • Memo (I looked at this one here, but got a better alternative to it)
  • Polaris Office
There you have it, quite a lot of default apps pre-installed on the Galaxy S2. As I have a look at all of these, I'll amend this post by adding the links to each relevant post.

Also, if I remember correctly, Kies air isn't installed by default - this only gets installed when you connect the phone to your pc with Kies installed. After syncing, the app should appear in your list.

Feel free to leave a comment if your phone doesn't include all of the above, or even if some of the apps are not. Would like to know what the rest of the world is experiencing :)

Cheers for now!