Friday, September 9, 2011

Mini Review: Official Rugby World Cup App

The 2011 Rugby World Cup started today, and I thought I'd also get in the whole spirit of things - by reviewing the official RWC2011 Android App - get it here.

The app is actually quite cool, it pretty much gives you all the info you could possibly want about the Rugby World Cup - you have news:

Congrats to the All Black for winning the opening match against Tonga!

As the news articles get added, so they become available in the app for you to read up on what's going on in the RWC.

Next you have the Match Centre - here you get all kinds of info regarding the matches themselves, including stuff like Results, what's happening Today and the Fixtures:

See? All the info you could want so far :)

The app also includes a Videos section, where you can watch movie clips and highlights of games played.

Then, the Teams section is quite in depth - you get info on all the teams participating, as well as info and stats on the players of each team:

Quite comprehensive stats and all, I was just a little disappointed that they didn't have photos of all the players - hopefully these will get added soon, but it's definitely not a deal breaker (also since it's 100% free of course!)

The fifth option is about the tournament, which includes the stats of each team, how many points they have on the log, and the knockout rounds info:

And finally you have the Fan Zone - here you can do stuff like submit questions to the pros, see what's going on in New Zeeland, get info on the stadiums (very in depth - info on each stadium, where it's located on the map, and games that will be played there, etc.), buy tickets, etc:

So, in short, if you're any sort of Rugby fan, and have an Android based phone, you'll definitely want to get this app - it gives you all the info you'd ever need, and more!

Enjoy the RWC! And Good Luck Springboks, hope you can bring that trophy home a third time!

Till next time!