Galaxy S2 Tips and Tricks

Samsung Galaxy S2 Tips and Tricks

The Samsung Galaxy S2 is the best Android phone on the market at present. Given that, it has some pretty neat features, and a lot of those aren't as obvious as you might expect! I have been playing around with it for quite a while, and I've learned a few things that I will share with you on this page.

So, if you want to get the most out of your Galaxy S2, read further!

How to take a screen shot

If you've read through my blog, you would have noticed I have screen shots of pretty much all the apps and features I talk about. To take a screen shot is very simple - Simply hold the home button (big one in the middle below the screen), and press the Power button (the one on the right side of the phone) - this will take a screen shot, and put it in a "screen capture" folder on your phone.

How to turn of the "fully charged" sound

This you can unfortunately not do with the normal settings. There are two other ways though - you can root your device, or you can get a free app to handle that for you. Get that app here, or see my post regarding this app.

How to copy files to your PC over your wireless network

The normal file manager cannot do this, but luckily there's ES File Manager, a great free app with lots of extra features - get it here (I'll do some tutorials on how to get it working at some stage, but if you know a little bit about networking, you should have no problem!)

How to get Afrikaans predictive text on your phone

If you're Afrikaans, and really want to start typing more easily in Afrikaans, read my post about how to achieve this.

How to get the Allshare app to work

There's pretty much no manual or anything like that that comes with the phone, so most of you stuff you have to Google on how to get it to work. With the Allshare app, you can play media files that's on your phone, on your PC, and the other way around (very cool feature hey?) I've written a tutorial on how to get it to work, click here for the post