Sunday, August 18, 2013

Jelly Bean and goodbye

Hi guys. It's been a very long time since I've posted anything on this blog. Main reason being that the Galaxy S2 is now over 2 years old, and things like the S3, Note 2 and S4 have all taken over the spotlight!

My 2 year contract with Vodacom expires on 31 August, and then I'm moving over to CellC - main reason for that, the reception in my house is so poor with Vodacom, that I can hardly make and receive calls at all. Complaining numerous times, directly to Vodacom as well as on Hello Peter didn't yield any results at all. I even suggested maybe installing a signal booster in my house at my own expense, but nothing helps with them.

So, CellC has some great deals on handsets, so even if their reception is just as bad at my house, at least I'll be getting more and paying less. The lesser of two evils if you will...

Anyway, with only a couple of days remaining with my S2, I was greeted with the Software Update notification this morning. Yes, it appears that Android Jelly Bean 4.1 has finally been released in South Africa for the Samsung Galaxy S2.

I really enjoyed ICS on my phone, made such a huge difference over Gingerbread. Only gripe I had though, was the Swype keyboard kept malfunctioning, and I kinda got used to it, so that was a bummer. Had to buy all kinds of 3rd party keyboards, but nothing stuck in the end :(

Jelly Bean is now installing as I type this post. Will see what a difference that makes.

Also, since I won't be having my S2 for much longer since I'm upgrading in a few weeks, this is now my final post on this blog.

Thank you all for visiting and reading my ramblings. Maybe I'll do something similar with whatever handset I'm getting next!

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