Sunday, August 28, 2011

Mini Review: Dragon, Fly!

This little game I've seen quite a few times on the app market, and it didn't interest me at first, but it's been at the top of the list for a while now, so I decided to give Dragon, Fly! a chance, after all, it is free, so what have I got to lose other than a few seconds (which quickly turned into minutes, and I'm sure will soon turn into hours and eventually days! hehe)?

The game goes like so - you are a baby dragon who just hatched, and got away from you mother. You're still small so you cannot fly on your own yet, but you can glide if you get enough momentum going!

So, you have this landscape along which you sort of glide, and whenever you tap on the screen, you dive, so it's best to do that when going downhill... As soon as you reach the bottom of the hill, let go, and hopefully you'll have enough momentum to take to the skies a bit. Then, you must time your next dive just right so that you hit the downhill part again, to get even more momentum and hopefully soar higher and farther.

A few seconds after starting, your mother realizes you're gone, and starts coming after you - so the challenge is to get as far away from the nest as you can (and in that way get more points!). When she catches up to you, it's game over.

There are some power ups and bonuses you can get - blue bottles give you a speed boost, and gems give more points. Hitting a curve just right produces a "swoosh", and if  you "swoosh" 3 times in a row, you go into fire mode, and you score even more points (keep fire mode going by swooshing more).

EDIT: Yes, I play this game every day. Whenever I have a few seconds or minutes to kill, I always seem to start up this one... Anyway, as you play you level up your dragon as well, which not only changes it's colour, but also gives you a few seconds head start. To get to each new level, you have "quests" to do, seemingly simple things like get to Realm 5, or do 8 "swooshes" on the first realm, or exit realm 4 in fire mode, etc. It spices up the game play, and adds a little bit more of a challenge.

Doesn't sound like the most exciting game right? Well, download it, and play it, and you're mind will be changed! :)

Very fun, and well worth it! (25000 other people can't all be wrong!)

Get it here on the app market.

Till next time!