Friday, August 5, 2011

Game Review: Alchemy

When I at first saw this game in the App Market, I thought it's maybe the same one that Popcap did a few years ago, so I downloaded it, but it turned out to be a unique little time waster...

The main goal of the game is to combine objects and in that way discover new ones, until you reach the maximum number of 380 objects. That's pretty much it. Now, this really sounds boring, and I'm very sure that you agree with me, but believe me, whenever I have nothing to do or I'm a bit bored, 9 out of 10 times it's Alchemy I start up!

At the start of the game you only have the four basic elements, namely earth, water, air and fire. You start by combining these basic elements, which creates new ones, which you can in turn combine with other new ones, and so on and so forth. Like I've mentioned, it's a very straightforward recipe, but very addictive as well!

For example, put water and earth together, gives you a swamp, air and fire in turn gives energy. Now you have 6 available elements/objects to work with, and you can add more to your screen. Combining two elements is pretty much as simple as dragging them on top of each other.

Some of the other basic controls are:
  • Double tap in an open area to add the 4 basic elements
  • Double tap on an existing element to duplicate it (handy for when you're experimenting with that specific element)
  • Drag an element on the trash can to dispose of it
  • Drag an element on the Info icon to get more information on it
The default screen gives you three buttons at the bottom, with the Info button, Add button and an Undo button (which is disabled in the free version).

The Info button can give you hints, but these you have to buy from the store (I haven't done this yet, I wanna see if I can get all the elements without any outside help!)

You can hit the add button, and then select form your list of discovered elements/objects. From here you can add one item by simply tapping on it, or, if you tap and hold, you can select more than one object to add to your screen, which is handy when you're trying to discover new items.

Back on the home screen of the game, you can hit the settings button, which will give you options to clear the work space, or you can edit the game's setting, where you can change the appearance of the elements, set language and a timer.

And finally, some screen shots:

Get it here

Enjoy all the time you're going to waste with this one!