Thursday, May 24, 2012

ICS Easter Egg

Hi guys, I was reading on some random website about Android in general, and came across a very cool Easter Egg for Ice Cream Sandwich. If you don't know what an "Easter Egg" is, well, that's basically a hidden feature the developers build into software, which you can get to by doing something specific. It has no real function, it's just something cool (and I guess to keep the developers from boring themselves to death).

The ICS Easter Egg is a very cool one, and here's how to get to it:

First, go to the settings screen, and tap on "About Phone" at the bottom, here you'll see this:

Now, repeatedly tap on "Android version", which after a while will bring you here:

Now, that's not all of it :) go ahead and tap and hold on the Ice Cream Sandwich droid there - enjoy!

Till next time!