Sunday, July 1, 2012

Game Review: Triple Town

As you all probably know by now already, I am always on the lookout for good games to waste some unwanted time when it creeps up on me unexpectedly, so I always go to the Editor's Choice section in the Play store, and for a change, I actually found a very very addictive little puzzle game called Triple Town.

It doesn't blow one's mind with super amazing 3d graphics or sound effects, but the whole idea behind the game keeps you wanting to come back to do it all over again!

The game works on a very simple concept of matching 3 items to produce 1 better item - matching 3 of those better items, produces yet another better one, and so forth. As you go on and match various items, you rack up points, which is also the very simple goal of the game - to get as big a score as you can before you fill up your available space.

For example, match 3 "grass" tiles, and you're rewarded with a "bush" tile - match 3 of those, and you get a tree, and so on. If you match more than 3 of the same item, you still get the better version, but that one just looks a bit different, and gives you more points.

To make it a little bit more challenging, the game throws evil bears at your little village, which blocks your path, but they are not without purpose however - trap a bear by surrounding it with tiles, then you kill it, which produces a tombstone - match 3 tombstones and you make a church.

Here are a few screen shots, but please don't you dare judge this game by how it looks, it's really very addictive, and will keep you coming back for more!

The free version of the game can be played, but you have a limited number of turns, or moves, available. You do start with 1500 turns, so you can play quite a few games to check it out. At the end of each game, depending on how well you fared, you get awarded with gold, with which you can buy items in the Store, but you can also buy additional turns to extend your free play.

Unlocking the game in full costs $3.99, which I gladly paid. Not only did this remove the limited amount of turns, but also added a few more maps on which to play. One of them, for example, doesn't have any nasty bears blocking your way as you strive to rack up those points and build a town worthy for the history books!

Here are some screen shots of that map:

Another cool little feature they added to the game is a special tile on which you can store items for later use - in the above screenshot, you'll see in the top left tile is a little robot, they are used to clear any tile on the field, handy to dispose of a ninja bear ;)

Triple Town is a perfect example of KISS (keep it simple stupid) - it is very easy to play, but can be quite tricky to master.

You unlock the full game from within the game, and they've even allowed you to play the game on all of your Android devices if you've already paid for it. (it's already on my Galaxy Tab too!)

Do yourself a favour, and get it here

Hope you enjoy this one, I really did, and still do!