Saturday, July 23, 2011

A short intro

Hi, my name is Rudi and I live in South Africa. The second part of my country's name is "Africa", and that should give you a clear indication that we don't always get the latest and coolest gadgets as quick as the rest of the world.

Also, we don't get said gadgets for nearly as cheap as the rest of the world (thank you big corporate South African companies).

Luckily, believe it or not, we do have "cellphones" in South Africa, but the contracts we get are hellishly expensive, and most of the time the service sucks as well.

Anyway, enough complaining! I have always been a big nerd, and a sucker for the coolest gadgets. Here is a list of all the cellphones I've had over the years:

Nokia 5110
Nokia 3310
Nokia 3410
Nokia 3510i (this one had an amazing 4096 colours screen!!! WOW!!!)
Sony Ericsson S700i (my first phone with a camera, and a great, full colour screen - no 3G and stuff like that though...)
Sony Ericsson W880i (a very thin, and CRAP, phone, I didn't like this thing at all. It was bloody useless, lucky my mother-in-law got a new HTC for herself, and I got passed down her old iMate - and hence I started with my first "smartphone")
Samsung Omnia (don't even get me started, when I did the research for this one, I was convinced that it was a great phone, nice 5mp camera, 8gigs of on-board memory, 8gig mini-SD card, Garmin GPS software - the works! - but after about 4 months, I started hating this phone with a passion! Will do some more on that later)

And now, yesterday, I finally switched over to an Android based phone, and decided to do it with the flagship device, the Samsung Galaxy S2. It's expensive, but I just don't care at this stage, ANYTHING will be better than my crappy Omnia...

I have decided to document everything I do and experience with my Galaxy S2 on this blog. If you have one, or are thinking of getting one, you'll find some great articles in the next few months about the Galaxy S2, which will help you decide if it's the phone for you.

Anyway, STAY TUNED!!