Thursday, February 9, 2012

Android games on Humbe Indie Bundle

If you don't know what the Humble Indie Bundle is, allow me to tell you :)

Firstly, Indie is an abbreviation for Independent Developer. That means it is someone, or a small team, who, in their spare time, writes apps and games. These guys do amazing work, and it feels really good supporting them, as they put in many many hours of time and effort into creating awesome apps and games.

Now, the Humble Indie Bundle has a very unique concept. That is, YOU decide how much you're willing to pay for the specific bundle they have going on at the time. Be it $0.10, or like Notch (the developer of MineCraft) did once, $4096 - it remains up to you.

You can then even decide where your money goes to, be it the developers, a tip for the guys arranging the bundle, or some charities, or split up any which way between the three!

Another bonus is if you pay more than the average, you usually get a free game thrown in. I have also seen on several occasions that as the bundle's closing date gets closer, they add in more games!

I just bought Edge, Osmos, Anomaly and World of Goo for a very reasonable price (I did, after all, decide on how much I wanted to pay).

I'm busy downloading them, and will do a review on each one as I get around to it.

So, if you also wanna get into this amazing special, head over to and support these awesome guys! You have 5 days left to do so!

The other awesome part is that these games are cross-platform!! So even if you don't have an Android phone yet, you can still get them on your Windows PC, your Mac as well as Linux.

Till next time!