Monday, April 30, 2012

Galaxy Tab

Hey guys, I recently got my own Galaxy Tab, the 10.1 inch one! So, I'll be including some reviews of that. So far, very impressed, only the battery doesn't last long at all!

Will keep you posted!

Top Five Samsung Android Phones

The top five Samsung Android Phones on the market today are the Samsung Galaxy Note, the Samsung Galaxy II Epic 4G, the Samsung Galaxy S II, Galaxy S II Skyrocket and the Samsung Galaxy Nexus. New Samsung phones have the latest technology and have outsold Apple's iPhone for the first time since the beginning of the year.

Samsung Galaxy Note
Starting with the Samsung Galaxy Note it is a great Android phone because you can write on the screen with a special stylus pen that comes in the phone. Samsung calls the pen an "S Pen," during telephone calls you can make notes on the screen to save important information on your smartphone. Samsung has a special program on phone called "S Memo Lite" for the user to take memos will talking on the phone and it also works in conjunction with Microsoft Power Point to take notes for your home or business while using your phone. The phone has an HD Super AMOLDED screen for excellent clarity.

Samsung Galaxy II Epic
The Samsung Galaxy II Epic is an entertainment comes with Samsung's Media Hub with thousands of movies and TV shows to view. You can also play video games with Adobe Flash Technology. The screen is vibrantly clear and has front and rear facing cameras for excellent video chatting capabilities. The Samsung Epic has 4g video conferencing with a 2 mega pixel front facing camera so you can look directly into the person you are talking to. One amazing feature is you can stream pictures, music or video with Samsung's All Share to all Smart TV's, PCs or DLNA devices.

Samsung Galaxy S II
The Samsung Galaxy S II is a 4G smartphone with 1.2 GHz processor. The phone comes with features like the Samsung Media Hub so you can watch yesterday's TV shows on your phone. It has Samsung's 4.52" Super AMOLED screen with superior clarity and quality. Samsung has the a new chatting app called "Chat On" that keeps you connected with your friends even if they don't have an Android phone or tablet.

Samsung S II Skyrocket
The Samsung S II Skyrocket is built to work on AT&T's networks. It has all the features of the Samsung S II Android phone.

Samsung Galaxy Nexus
The Samsung Galaxy Nexus runs on Verizon's networks at 4G speeds and comes with Android's all new Ice cream Sandwich software. It has a contoured handset and comes with a 4.5" inch display with the Super AMOLED screen. In effort to be green Samsung has listed its phone number and customer service number online to save trees.

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Friday, April 27, 2012

The default Galaxy S2 Browser

Ok, first off, I'm terribly sorry for not doing any posts in April so far. Those who're from South Africa, will know that in April we have lots of public holidays, and even regular work has been slow (the same pretty much every year!).

So, I asked in a poll what you guys would like me to review next, and you selected Browsers. So, I'm going to be doing 3 separate reviews on the following browsers:

Now, I've been pretty much using the standard browser on my S2, and I must say, I'm pretty much happy with it. It doesn't have issues displaying the sites I like to frequent, and I've even done some online banking with the regular "desktop interface" of my bank's website (that will be the same interface that desktop PC's will have when doing online banking).

In fact, it works so nicely with that that I don't even bother to register for cellphone banking at all, I can just do it with my regular browser!

Here are a couple of screen shots of the standard browser in action:

Since the Galaxy S2 screen still isn't the size of a tablet or regular PC, what happens when you browse is the address bar get hidden from sight. To see the address is easy though, you simply swipe down, and there it is.

One thing that I'm not that fond of though, is you have to "press" the bottom left button on the phone itself, and the tap "windows", which opens up the list of open windows you have:

When I do the review of Dolphin, you'll see how they handle that.

Other than that, I couldn't find fault with the default browser. It handles Flash, SSL and has a whole bunch of settings also, here're the list of settings available for it:

As you can see, lots of settings so that you can tweak how it functions for you.

Zooming in can be done in 3 ways - you can double tap somewhere, and the browser zooms in on that part. If it is text your double tapping on, then it will fill that text to the screen width. Sometimes, if the website you're viewing doesn't have a mobile friendly stylesheet, then the text will still be too small to actually read it.

You can zoom in manually by pinch-zooming also, but like I said above here, the text doesn't fit in the area you're viewing automatically, so you'll have to scroll sideways to view the content when zoomed in.

Another funky way of zooming, which in my opinion is just a gimmick, is you tap two fingers on the screen at the same time, then you tilt the phone itself - this will then zoom as you're tilting the phone. I find that only cool for showing off the phone :)

So, in my opinion, if you don't use your phone for all of your internet browsing needs, then the stock standard browser does the job, with its few minor annoyances. 

If you do, however, use your phone a lot more for browsing, then I'd recommend getting something else... I'll be looking at Dolphin next, as well as Opera Mini.

Keep well, and until next time!